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Saluki Express

A Airport

Stops Wait Times
Routes Stop Details
A, C, CP, G, M, TPD Student Center (East Side) (Stop Code: 195) 54 mins
Vehicle Arriving Next At:
A, C, CP Neely Hall (Stop Code: 259) 2 mins
A, C, CP, TPD Logan @ Park (East Side) (Stop Code: 243) 4 mins
A Fire Station @ Wall & College (Stop Code: 124) 6 mins
A Bank of Carbondale (Stop Code: 109) 9 mins
A Memorial Hospital Carbondale (Stop Code: 258) 10 mins
A SI Motor Sports (Stop Code: 180) 13 mins
A S.I. Airport (Stop Code: 241) 20 mins
A Tan Tara MHP (Stop Code: 197) 37 mins
A, C Larry's House of Cakes (Stop Code: 144) 42 mins
A, C Old West Main Apartments (Stop Code: 166) 43 mins
A, C Schnucks (Stop Code: 185) 45 mins
A, C Poplar @ Cherry (Stop Code: 172) 48 mins
A, C, CP Poplar @ Mill (West Side) (Stop Code: 175) 48 mins
A Pulliam Hall (Stop Code: 177) 49 mins
A, C Communications Building (Stop Code: 118) 51 mins
A, C, CP, M, TPD Thompson Point @ Lincoln (South Side) (Stop Code: 221) 52 mins
A, C, CP, M Engineering Crosswalk (South Side) (Stop Code: 119) 53 mins